Shooting Actors

A good director creates an environment, which gives the actor the encouragement to fly.
— Kevin Bacon
Mat Lo Vancouver Photographer Headshots 1

We're racing around the edges of a roof top, inches from a plummet that would leave you hurting for sure, otherwise dead. Chad Mathew doesn't care, and neither do the rest of us. We live for this. His approach to an acting career - it's all or nothing. We need to get these shots, pilot season is approaching, the flight to LA is booked and the Vancouver daylight is fading fast. I've got my eye through the viewfinder, ignoring the drop behind us while Derrick Daniels, our videographer swoops by with a glidecam as Chad gives us look after look after look in an effortless display of versatility.

Chad approached me at Rogues West Actors Studio in Vancouver (a great place to study and meet emerging talent) with the opportunity to help him produce photos for his press kit in preparation for LA. With the personas that he brought to my frames, I think we got some great shots that show great character.

-Mat Lo

Mat Lo Photography Actor Portrait 2
Mat Lo Photography Actor Portrait 3
Mat Lo Vancouver Photographer Actors Portrait
Mat Lo Vancouver Photographer Actors Headshots
Mat Lo Photography Actor Headshot
Mat Lo Photography Actor Portrait